During the trading hours yesterday, the US dollar raised its value from 110.75 JPY to 111.3460 JPY. This morning the currency pair is trading at 111.60 JPY. According to the analysis of Trading212, if US dollar breaks the resistance levels at 111.67 - 111.76 JPY, the aim will be reaching and testing the zone 111.98 - 112.03 JPY. If it is successful, the upward trend will continue to 112.49 - 112.59 JPY. If USD drops below the support levels at 110.93 - 110.84 JPY, it will try to find next support at 110.37 - 110.33 JPY. In case of breaking down, the downward trend will continue to 110.10- 110.01 JPY.

source : 212 trading